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Trauma Recovery Associates educates and fosters the development of organizational leaders, human service providers, and trauma survivors themselves to respond more effectively to the impact of childhood trauma on individuals and on society.  The Trauma Model is a research-based treatment model developed by Dr. Colin Ross, MD.

Since 2002 TRA has led over 100 presentations and workshops in 23 states and 7 countries, training more than 6000 people in the Trauma Model.  We are now approved to offer continuing education hours and home-study programs for mental health professionals. This program is offered in several major dioceses in the USA.  We recently implemented a pilot project for the staff and inmates of a local jail, and have trained other professionals including canonists, formation directors, campus ministers, inner city ministries staff, and mental health professionals who deal with their own secondary trauma.  We also lead retreats and help lay audiences to understand the long-lasting effects of abuse and neglect that occurred during childhood.

An example of the application of the Trauma Model is the Trauma Recovery Program in the Catholic Diocese of Kalamazoo.  This is a program for small groups of survivors of childhood abuse and neglect.  It was first imagined as a parish and then a city-wide response to the Catholic Church’s “sex abuse scandal” in 2002.  It was implemented as a diocesan program with the full support of the former and current bishops of the Kalamazoo Diocese.  Over 300 trauma survivors have participated in the diocesan program, and we have conducted two groups for clergy and other professionals who are trauma survivors.

TRA has published a holistic treatment manual that assists mental health professionals to inaugurate either a standalone psychoeducational program or a faith-based program for survivors of childhood trauma.  Translations of the manual also are published in Spanish and French and training manuals in Swahili and Kinyarwanda are almost completed.



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